Thursday, 30 July 2015

I whip my hair back and forth

Bonjour x 

Lately I’m really into a new haircut. I’d like to go a bit shorter. I do love the length of my hair but honestly I also loved the time when I cut it from booty-lenght to shoulder-length. It was so easy to style and wash and everything! 

I know what you are thinking: It’s no big deal cutting it, why I’m not doing it.. Well I’m not only thinking about cutting it. I’m also into platinum blonde! It wouldn’t even be a big deal with bleaching because my current hair color is light enough but I’m not sure. My hair is already damaged a lot - maybe I should wait with that. ( This is definitely going to be a spontaneous decision at the hair dresser ) 

My pinterest „Next Haircut“ Inspiration Board: 

Something like this 

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