Thursday, 30 July 2015

I whip my hair back and forth

Bonjour x 

Lately I’m really into a new haircut. I’d like to go a bit shorter. I do love the length of my hair but honestly I also loved the time when I cut it from booty-lenght to shoulder-length. It was so easy to style and wash and everything! 

I know what you are thinking: It’s no big deal cutting it, why I’m not doing it.. Well I’m not only thinking about cutting it. I’m also into platinum blonde! It wouldn’t even be a big deal with bleaching because my current hair color is light enough but I’m not sure. My hair is already damaged a lot - maybe I should wait with that. ( This is definitely going to be a spontaneous decision at the hair dresser ) 

My pinterest „Next Haircut“ Inspiration Board: 

Something like this 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Go back to bed - today’s cancelled

Bonjour! x

Super busy week, lots of fun, lots of meetings with friends and some birthday parties - what happens to me? I get ill. I got home yesterday and my fever instantly popped out on to 40 degrees, which is great - not. I really was looking forward to everything upcoming this week and I was so full of joy. Well now the only thing I can do is lying around, drinking cold tea because of my throat and shopping online #nothingstopsme. It’s going to be really funny when the heatwave hits us on saturday. Fever and 37 degrees - I can’t waaaait! It’s going to be fuuuun! :( 

I hope y’all enjoy the nice weather and have a nice week / holiday! 

Bisous! xx 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

My basics

Bonjour! x

My wardrobe basically consists of basics and 4 colors: black, grey, white and navy. Of course there are here and there some pops of color but I don't really wear them. Because of my minimalistic obsession I should be able to create the ultimative basics guide, shouldn't I?

My go-to option are always basic t-shirts. It's the first thing I'm thinking about when I'm getting dressed in the morning. The best brands to find basic shirts are Reserved, H&M, Topshop and Choies (I could name 1000)

Basics over everything

I'm wearing jeans 24/7, most likely black or grey skinny jeans. When I'm wearing blue it's either a special occasion or it goes better with the outfit OR my black / grey ones are in the laundry... . I prefer them over all. I don't really like boyfriend jeans nor ripped ones. As said I'm really minimalistic.  

Simple jeans are my life saver

Your best friend in every life situation. When it's raining, water doesn't get through; when you want to sit on the grass, it's not going to get green and the dirt gets off easily and you didn't get cold as fast as in another jacket - worth investing!

Warm and elegant 

Goes with everything and can be worn casual but also fancy - what do we want more? 

Casual under sweaters in the wintertime, super cute in the summertime and fancy at night events

Ahh I'm totally obsessed with sunnies! I have about 15+ pairs only for this summer and not only cheap ones, no.. I get myself high end sunnies and wear them like 4 times before I throw them into my bag and search for the next ones.. The best high end brand for sunnies are in my opinion either Gucci, Céline or Dior. H&M for a cheaper opportunity but still pretty! 


Oh it doesn't get better. Bags are worse than sunnies! I have so many bags, I could build my own house out of them and live there. Sad huh? I don't even want to know how much I've already spend on bags - jesus! Again, not only high street brands... poorly. 

Obsession #2 

I really should have chosen another order! You don't want to know how much shoes I have and how much pairs I actually wear ( like 3 to 5 ). Again, sad. Basically all you really need are some classy black high heels ( as high as you prefer them to be ), simple white sneakers which go with everything and last but not least black boots. There is nothing more simple and elegant at the same time than black boots - H&M bought preffered.  For the high heels I'd recommend Primark ( yeah you read that right ). I need black heels like at least once in a week ( for castings, events, etc ) and I haven't found better once than my plain black 10 cm high heels by Primark. They were about 10 € and they are incredibly comfortable.

All you need

The best sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies,  whatever you want to call them I've found at Mango! They aren't expensive and have a really nice quality! Check them out!


A nice high quality scarf for colder days is all you need. My all time favorite is the one from  Acne Studios. 

Delicately small and pretty jewelry. Each store nowadays offers dainty necklaces and rings. This huge trend has captured my heart and won't let it go! Always wearing and buying new ones. Best stores to find: Forever21 for necklaces, H&M for rings and Mango for both. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Enjoy your weekend !


Friday, 10 July 2015

Shooting for L'Oréal Paris Czech

Bonjour! x

Just got back from an amazing photoshoot in Prague for L’Oréal Paris Czech Make-up Artist School. Exhausting day but beautiful! 

Each of us got their make-up done, chose their outfit and did the shoot - typical shooting routine you know! Even though nothing „special“ happened, the day itself was special enough. You don’t always have the opportunity to shoot with L’Oréal nor to have an amazing team! We were like 20 models from different agencies and countries but we all got to know each other and quickly became friends! We talked and laughed during our make-up was about to get done, we spend lunch together ( it is quite difficult to find a café for 20 models) and  did a picture together. The day was loooong ( because of delayed trains, getting up at 4 a.m. and to much free time in prague after the shoot) but even though I was tired I enjoyed the day to the max! 

the train life 

Thank you Make-up Institute Prague and L’Oréal Paris Czech for having me! Hopefully we meet again for a shooting!