Friday, 10 July 2015

Shooting for L'Oréal Paris Czech

Bonjour! x

Just got back from an amazing photoshoot in Prague for L’Oréal Paris Czech Make-up Artist School. Exhausting day but beautiful! 

Each of us got their make-up done, chose their outfit and did the shoot - typical shooting routine you know! Even though nothing „special“ happened, the day itself was special enough. You don’t always have the opportunity to shoot with L’Oréal nor to have an amazing team! We were like 20 models from different agencies and countries but we all got to know each other and quickly became friends! We talked and laughed during our make-up was about to get done, we spend lunch together ( it is quite difficult to find a café for 20 models) and  did a picture together. The day was loooong ( because of delayed trains, getting up at 4 a.m. and to much free time in prague after the shoot) but even though I was tired I enjoyed the day to the max! 

the train life 

Thank you Make-up Institute Prague and L’Oréal Paris Czech for having me! Hopefully we meet again for a shooting! 


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